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Shop Online

What is Tesco Lotus Shop Online?

Tesco Lotus Shop Online is the exciting service from Tesco Lotus. This service allows you to choose a wide range of products from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered directly to your door at a time to suit you.

We offer you low prices and promotions like in Tesco Lotus Hypermarket store (price based on actual selling price on day of delivery from Tesco Lotus Hypermarket store) so that the major benefits of shopping at Tesco Lotus Hypermarket are available to everyone with an access to the Internet.

Got a Clubcard? Earn points on-line with Tesco Lotus Shop Online!

How is my order picked, packed and delivered to keep everything fresh? There are a number of people involved in your shopping trip, all of whom are dedicated to making sure you receive great service and great quality.

Our expertly trained shoppers always pick products which are freshest and have the longest sell by dates available at our stores. They also carefully select the best ones available as if they were shopping for themselves. They ask themselves the question "would I buy it?" and therefore don't send out anything that is not of the great quality.

When packing your products our team are trained to separate food from non-food, chilled from frozen and heavy items at the bottom to avoid any squashing. Just like you would if you were shopping for yourself.

We also store all products in climate controlled areas - including in our vans. This ensures that your shopping is delivered in top condition and arrives at the correct temperature.

Where do we deliver?

Our online shopping service is currently available some areas of Bangkok. To check whether we operate in your area, go to our service availability checker on our website.


Do I need to register and why?

You don' t have to register if you're just browsing our website, but if you want to shop with us you will need to register. It's very important to register with us to make sure we offer our service to your area. It also allows us to show you the right products and delivery information.

How do I find products?

There are several ways to find the products that you want to buy:

  • Browse the aisles by clicking on the departments e.g. bakery. You can then filter down to a smaller category using the filters at the top of the page
  • Search for products using the search box
  • Use the 'Rest of shelf' link to take you to similar products.
  • Use your 'Favourites list' - a handy tool which remembers everything you've previously bought online with us.
  • Use the 'Promotions' list. This shows a list of products that are on promotion. You can filter this to a shorter list using the departments at the top of the page.
How do I add and amend products in my shopping trolley?

You can add products from anywhere on the website using the add button.

Depending on the type of product you can add it to your trolley by quantity or weight, and some products can be added by either.

  • Add by quantity - press add to put one in your basket, or you can add more than one quantity at a time by using the box and pressing add
  • Add by weight - press add to put 100g into your basket, or amend the weight you would like in the box and press add
  • Add by quantity or weight - select whether you would like to add by weight or quantity. If you've selected weight, the average weight of one of the product will be displayed in the box.
What do I do after putting products in my shopping trolley?

Once you have completed your shopping and have all the items you want to purchase in your trolley, you will need to select a delivery slot (if you haven't already reserved one earlier in your shopping trip), and then complete the three checkout steps to select your payment details and confirm your order


When can I get my shopping delivered?

You can choose delivery slots from 10 am - 10 pm. Each delivery slot has a maximum capacity, so create your order well in advance to guarantee the slot you want. You can create an order up to 3 weeks in advance. For further details, please refer to Delivery and Receipts in the Terms and Conditions.

How do I choose the date of my delivery and the time slot?

Once you have logged in, click the "Book a slot" button to see the available delivery slots. It is recommended to book your slot at the start of your shopping, however please be aware that it will only be reserved for 2 hours once you have selected it. Alternatively you can book your slot just before you checkout once you have completed your shopping.

What are the delivery instructions I give used for?

Any delivery instructions you enter can help to direct or guide the Customer Delivery Assistant to your house or flat. For example you can give the surname of the main resident, if their name is on the bell, or give directions if your address is tricky to find.

How much is the service charge?

The service charge for any delivery slot is shown in the "Book a slot" section. You can check it before starting shopping by clicking ' book a slot' button.

My Lotus's Points and Coupons

Will I get Lotus's Member points for my shopping?

Yes, you will get Lotus's Member points for your online shopping in the same way as you would in our Lotus Hypermarket store.

Can I use coupons or Lotus's Member vouchers for my online shopping?

Unfortunately it's not possible at present to use Ecoupons and Lotus's Member vouchers on our website, but we're working on our systems so we can accept them in the future.

What is an e-coupon?

An eCoupon is an electronic coupon code, which you can use to save money on your grocery order.

E-coupon codes are made up of English letters and numbers, i.e. ABC123.

How do I use an e-coupon?
  1. Log in to your Tesco Lotus Shop Online account or register if you are new to Tesco Lotus Shop Online.
  2. Add the products you want to buy to your Shopping trolley and check out your order.
  3. On the payment page, there is an eCoupons section. Enter your eCoupon code into the textbox and click on 'Use Code' button to add your eCoupon to your order.
  4. The eCoupon discount is automatically deducted from the total of your shopping before you pay.
  5. Limit 1 eCoupon per 1 customer or per 1 delivery address.
  6. eCoupon cannot be applied to alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, gift card, clubpack,energy drink, M150, sponsor, Red Bull, Ajinomoto monosodium glutamate, Birdy Iced Coffee, Breastmilk substitutes for children aged 0-3 years
  7. eCoupon code is available for shopping at Tesco Lotus Shop Online only.
Why is my e-coupon not working?
  1. Have you entered the eCoupon code correctly? Re-enter the code to check if you have made a typing error
  2. Are the dates of the eCoupon valid? ECoupons have an expiry date, so please check whether your eCoupons are valid for your order. Your eCoupon must be valid on day of delivery to be applicable.
  3. Was the eCoupon sent directly to you? Sometimes our eCoupons are restricted and can only be used by the person they are sent to
  4. Have you used the eCoupon the maximum number of times? Some of our eCoupons can only be used once; others have no restrictions on use.
  5. Is there a minimum spend? Some of our eCoupon codes can only be used when you spend a minimum amount.
  6. Have you entered more than one eCoupon for the same order? Some eCoupons cannot be used in the same order as other eCoupons.
  7. Are you trying to add your eCoupon to a different Tesco website? Our eCoupons can only be used on the grocery website of the country, where they are issued.

Please note, eCoupons are subject to restrictions. . Please click to see the details of the Terms & Conditions of the eCoupon.

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